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Back to the client side

09 May '11 | My Web Work

My last blog post was back in July 2010, before I started as a Digital Producer at an advertising agency.

I haven’t had much ‘bandwidth’ since then.

I’ve also recently become a father, so the little time I had for personal projects has been reduced to a handful of minutes per day.

I’m blogging from work now. Shhh….

On 30 May I start my new job as Online Marketing Executive for a software house and will be doing the type of work I love the most: getting my hands dirty with content, coding and analytics. I look forward to tracking progress over time.

Working for an agency has been an interesting experience. I’ve learnt a lot about business and the importance of keeping a healthy margin on everything one does.

I suspect, though, that agencies have different relationships with their balance sheets. Of course, profit is the imperative… it keeps staff employed and happy.

But I think I was unfortunate enough to work for an agency with an old school mentality and CFO-dictated strategies: without the numbers you don’t get the resources.

But without resources you don’t get the numbers, surely!

And in my line of work you need to invest in R&D to keep up with change.

The job made me tired. I had little time to add value to what I did. I was the only digital resource for an agency with big digital ambitions. Clients know that.

I’ll post more about my agency-side experience because I learned a lot of lessons which I think will benefit client new media professionals working with external suppliers.

Back to work now, but counting the days.

The site's first special feature: Google Chrome OS, simply put

15 Jul '09 | My Web Work

Purpose of the guide is to explain in simple terms what Google Chrome OS is, who it’s for and what you can do with it.

I’ve done this for three reasons:

  1. I honestly believe that a person like my dad (75 years old who just wants his PC to work) would benefit from Google’s approach.
  2. If I get enough traffic to the guide I can try and earn a few extra bucks by placing some AdWords here and there
  3. I’ve always wanted to publish a ‘Special Feature’ of some sort :)

The third point is more relevant than it seems. Now that I have developed the model, code and functionality for a mini-guide I can publish other special features covering subjects I am interested in. My site now has an additional purpose.

So, if you’re interested to learn more about Google Chrome OS here’s the link:

Logos with a distinct flavour

26 Jun '09 | My Web Work

A selection of logos for websites I have designed.

I try to keep my logo designs simple, professional -looking and representative of the businesses values.

I don’t have a background in print but I try to ensure that logos will work on printed material too.

Rome Rentals Co.
SEO was a decisive factor in determining the name of the website – Rome Rentals Co.. The design needed to be formal, trustworthy but also somewhat light-hearted to represent the website’s core offerings: quality vacation rentals, a service to match and experiencing Rome as a local.

City Apartments logo
Ease-of-use of its booking system is one of the selling points of I designed the logo back in 2002 and it has since evolved in a more SEO friendly version that splits the ‘cityapartments’ word in two.

City Guest House
CITYGUESTHOUSE is a low budget hotel in Rome located off the beaten track. For this reason it needs to stand our as a place that is friendly, colourful and has a ‘personality’ that sets it apart from typical hotels.

travgo logo
travgo is the company that built and manages and Rome Rentals Co.. Their products are websites and management systems behind them, but they also offer the experience of Italian cities such as Rome.

Tablet PC Italia logo
Tablet PC Italia is Italy’s first and only website dedicated to Tablet PCs. The logo, quite expectedly, refers to handwriting.

Your Domain Is It
The idea behind (now offline) was to offer short URLs to sites hosted on free webspace providers. But only to websites of a certain quality… website domains that ‘are it’.

Need a logo?

If you like what you see and think that my approach and style would be suitable for your website then send me an email and I’ll get back to you with some ideas.

First post: Who is

17 May '09 | My Web Work

My name is Lawrence Ladomery and is, at this point in time, the identity I use to promote my services as a freelance web designer.

I thought about this name back in 2007 when arguing about information architecture on the Econsultancy forum and taking the side of those who think that web designers, analysts and developers are able to define website information architectures as part of their jobs (as opposed to necessarily having to hire a specialist).

I hold a B.Sc. in Architecture from the Welsh School of Architecture too, but that’s not particularly relevant. and keeping things simple

The idea behind the site’s design is to showcase what I describe as “simple, text-centric websites” on my homepage. I’m a big fan of type and the written word. I love design too but let those with the right skills make the web look prettier.

Simplicity and clarity is what I aim for. The strategic thinking, planning, design and build are the services I offer to achieve that.

My background

I started out in 1998 as an HTML coder for NRI Resources Ltd. and now contract at the Department of Justice, Victoria. I’ve worked in London, Rome, Taichung (Taiwan) and now are in Melbourne.

I have never worked for a web design agency but have worked with a few including Nomensa, Line and Reactive. I know the web design process very well and whether experts are providing value for money.

As a freelancer I have worked on small projects of my own and for friends and family. Currently I am working on Rome Rentals Co. (and will blog about this site soon).

To recap, I am a freelance web designer with significant experience on the client side offering a service to build simple and elegant websites.