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12 Jan '12 | New Media Thoughts

Another great thing about cloud apps

Much has been written about the pros and cons of cloud apps but little about another reason for their success: the type of companies that build them.

Rand Fishin, CEO and founder of SEOmoz (offering tools for online marketing folk) has just tweeted about their revenue doubling between 2010 and 2011. A great result.

I’m also thinking about similar companies such as 37signals and Campaign Monitor that are very successful providers of Software as a Service products.

They have this in common: they provide very good products and value for money. They are also great companies to work for. And I think that these two things are related.

37signals have published a book called Rework describing their different approach to running a business. In their office meetings are toxic and ASAP is poison. Workaholicism isn’t a virtue.

It’s not just about adopting more flexible and smart working practices but nurturing an environment where employees can work comfortably and, I suspect, free of the political bullshit that you get in old school businesses.

Just look at how Campaign Monitor work, wouldn’t you want to work for them too?

We offer very competitive salaries and regular pay reviews, but we think it’s the little extras that make the difference.

Which means:

  • An awesome office. Check their video for proof.
  • Every team member receives all the gear they need to get the job done. How many of us are still stuck on a 2008 PC running XP?
  • Depending on your position, you can usually work the hours that suit you and your lifestyle. 9 to 5 isn’t a hard and fast rule at Campaign Monitor. We rarely do overtime and almost never work weekends. Amen to this.

No doubt Rand has created a similarly awesome working environment at SEOmoz too.