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12 Apr '12 | New Media Thoughts

CMS: the missing feature

CMS workflows start at the point where the author already knows what will written and the system becomes a repository of final, polished content.

Often a piece has been written in Word and saved in a folder with other related docs and assets, and a few links saved as bookmarks. A lot of info is also saved in the author’s head.

Some of the more clever people use apps like OneNote or Evernote to keep material and ideas in one spot.

But what if it were the CMS to play this role? To collect and connect assets and ideas that will shape the final piece.

This could be an idea nurturing system where notes, images, links, videos, stats, etc… would be stored so authors can easily access their reference material as draft and refine their pieces.

Added features couldinclude discussion areas for teams and analysis tools to identify patterns and themes across the material.

And even publish this material as reference, which is something I have described in a previous post as Telling the story behind the story.