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01 Jun '11 | New Media Thoughts

Google +1: the <g:plusone> tag looks very much like a Textpattern tag

In a previous post I suggested that Google buy my favorite cms, Textpattern, and adopt its tag system.

As explained before, Textpattern’s tag system allows non-programmers to ad logic (eg. conditionals) to their website.

Textpattern tags look something like this:

<txp:if_category name=“fruit”><p>Juicy!</p><txp:else /><p>You need to eat more fruit</p></txp:if_category>

The PHP equivalent is a messy affair, incomprehensible to the non-coder’s mind.

That’s why I was excited to see Google’s code for adding the +1 button looking similar: <g:plusone size=“small”></g:plusone>

I did a quick search for any similar tags – searching for <g: – but didn’t find anything. That said, this may not be something new.

But if it is new, does it mean that Google are developing their own, easy to use syntax?

A bit like Facebook’s FBML I guess. But hopefully as extensive and flexible as Texpattern’s own system.

One last thing… don’t forget to +1 this post!