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20 Oct '09 | Miscellaneous

Yahoo! & the Taiwanese Hack Girls: If girls & Gods can mix so can girls & geeks

Chris Yeh, Head of Yahoo! Developer Network for the female dancers hired to make the Taiwan Open Hack Day a little bit more spicy. He shouldn’t have.

Read the apology on the Yahoo! Developer Network Blog.

You can see the incriminating images on Simon Willison’s Weblog as well as read comments such as:

I’ve heard arguments that this kind of thing is culturally acceptable in Taiwan—in fact it may even be expected for technology events, though I’d love to hear further confirmation

Well, here’s confirmation. I took shot this video in Taichung last year during the Lantern Festival. It was a party organised by the authorities together with the people from the local Temple. If girls and Gods can mix so can girls and geeks.