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14 Aug '11 | Miscellaneous

The Popcorn Manifesto

There are a few sacred things in my life. Eating popcorn at the movies is one of them and the following manifesto is based on how I do it.

  1. Make your own and take a stance about the ridiculous prices set at the movie theatres. We’re talking popped corn here, not some priceless Japanese delicacy.
  2. Don’t have anything other than salted popcorn. Anything else is vile and wrong.
  3. Offer to make some for the people who you will see the movie with but make an extra 50% for yourself as contingency. Some will end up on the floor and there will always be a hand finding its way into your ‘reserve’.
  4. Never ever start eating your popcorn before the movie starts. This is sacred. If you can’t handle the pressure have something else or refrain from going to the movies altogether.
  5. Eat one popcorn at a time. Mouthfuls are for pigs. You’re a connoisseur.

That’s it. Just 5 simple rules to respect and make your popcorn consumption close to a spiritual experience.