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06 Sep '11 | New Media Thoughts

Where are all the CIOs?

“Content is king”. “We live in a connected world”. “Big data is the next big thing”. “Move your business to the cloud”.

Information is so many things in a business. It’s the common language, the invisible structure holding everything together.

We know that. We repeat it many times in the expressions like the ones above. Or a pretty infographic.

And yet CIOs are a rare breed. Instead, responsability is often shared across those functions that often abuse information.

Then you get reports about how expensive inefficient processes and badly designed systems are and wonder what could have helped. And how businesses are generating gazillions bits of data per day.

Google has become what it is by helping people make sense of the infinite volume of information we are producing. Apple has made a killing by desiging stylish gadgets to carry that data. Then there is the cloud…

And yet CIOs are nowhere to be seen.