Apart from building websites I can help with branding, managing and promoting them.

To do so successfully I try to keep organised and follow a process.

My approach

I practice a 'lite' version of web project management to get through a project quickly and painlessly. Like you, I aspire to a hassle-free and fruitful working relationships.

I follow a 4-step process:

  1. An intial discovery phase to nail down your requirements
  2. Definition of a solution that meets your objectives
  3. Design and build using Textpattern as the content management system
  4. A comprehensive website management plan that forms part of the hand-over process, so you know what to do with your new site.

The type of work I do

Generally, I prefer to work on small scale projects.

  • Informational websites and blogs (have a look at my portfolio)
  • Logos and brand development.
  • Strategies for managing content: from information architecture design to sourcing, organising, publishing and re-purposing content

Feel free to email me about your project and I'll let you know what I can do (or not do) for you.